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Anton Michelsen Gilded Sterling Silver Christmas Spoon 1991

Anton Michelsen Gilded Sterling Silver Christmas Spoon 1991. In good condition. Designed by: Lin Utzon , f. 1946, Danish designer, daughter of Jørn Utzon , sister of January Utzon and Kim Utzon . After training at particular School of Art 1967-70, she got her own workshop in 1973. Lin Utzon's nature-inspired, decorative idiom has been used in a wide range of decorating tasks, both in Denmark and abroad, eg for the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg (1983 ) and Kim Utzon headquarters of the Employers Confederation of Trade, Transport and Services in Kalkbrænderihavnen in Copenhagen (ceramic tiles, 2000). To Jørn Utzon Bagsvaerd Church , she did a series of 1975-77 textiles. In addition to glass and porcelain Lin Utzon worked with set design, including to the Royal Theatre

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