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Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Jeanne Grut - The Blue Fish / Den Blå fish

Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Jeanne Grut - The Blue Fish / Den Blå fish

Måler 113,5cm eller 44.7 inch

Perfect condition

THE BLUE FISH. In the Devonian age, approximately 320 million years ago, there lived a type of fish, which the scientists have called a Coelacanth. .
The fish was fairly common and it seems that different types existed. Several fossils have been found, and we have accordingly a good idea of its appearance and size.
The Coelacanth existed for approximately 250 million years and it was thought to have been extinct 70 million years ago. However, on December 22nd 1938 Captain Goosen caught one while trawling 20 miles southwest of East London in South Africa, three miles from the mouth of the river Chalumna.
Here was evidence that there are still fish which have sun'h"ed since the Tertiary-period. 20 of the Blue Fish have been caught since 1938, and the scientists now name the species Latimeria Chalumnae.
The sculptress Jeanne Grut was inspired by the Coelacanth and created a relief-sculpture in Faience. This blue glazed piece gives a striking impression of an extremely strange thing - a living fossil- a real fable-fish - a species, which most have lived almost since the creation of the World.
Blauer Fish
Die Bildhauerin Jeanne Grut hat sich von dem Coelacanth inspirieren lassen und hat von ihm eine Reliefskulptur modelliert. Diese blaus1asierle Plastik gibt dem Beschauer einen überwältigenden Eindruck eines wunderbaren Wesens - eines wirklichen Fabelfisches - eines Tieres, das beinahe seit der Schaffung der Welt existiert.

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